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NEW Matthau Mikojan SONG AIRED ON THE RADIO! 10.06.2013

New previously unreleased Matthau Mikojan song will be exclusively aired between 7-8 P.M. (Finnish time) this Saturday June 15th HERE: Livestream

Radio AGORA 105,5

I´d put a link and a picture here but this fucker doesn´t work.

Well, new website is underway. 


NEW ALBUM 04.05.2013

Sometimes someday comes too soon and sometimes someday doesn´t come at all. THIS BABY IS RIGHT ON TIME. Tomorrow morning I´ll redirect my mail to the cellar, light a cigarette and press the record button. 

Letter 20.01.2013

Happy New Year to everybody! 

Some of you have been sending me letters asking what´s going on and how come we don´t tour not to mention deliver another record. Last year Matthau Mikojan (the band) only played two gigs in Norway and Helsinki. I´m a fan myself and should any of my favorite groups suddenly "disappear" I´d definitely like to know what´s going on. Here´s what´s going on:

Soon after Hell Or High Water came out in 2011 our business became bankrupt.

In other words - No record label... no booking agency, either. You do the math.

This doesn´t mean I´m any less active... I AM a musician and songwriter, which sometimes I think is a curse rather than blessing - something I hate/love but can´t stop. Times are tough for pretty much everyone right now but nothing lasts forever, remember that. Even rough times shall pass. All this has very little effect on my creativity... As I am writing this, near twenty songs are waiting to be released someday, somehow... Until then, take it easy and remember -you have my respect. 

Yours sincerely,


Matthau´s Acoustic Sauna booking:

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